About us

As a qualified psychologist, specialized in various therapeutic and educational approaches, I accompany you professionally in all difficult periods of your life (bereavement, illness, unemployment, couple problems, lay-off, fear, stress, overwork…) and help you to find your emotional balance and your inner peace.

As a professional therapist I propose you individual consultations for adults, children, teenagers and a couple therapy by appointment.

My psychological or psychotherapeutic consultations provided for children and teenagers will be dealt with and reimbursed by the ONE (National Office for Children).

I also bring you my support and solutions to interpersonal conflicts using the meditation between parents and children, separated or divorced couples (right of visits of children, maintenance).

My obligation leads me to educate myself all the time. I am also a member of different professional associations such as ALMA, SLP and I collaborate with professionals of different disciplines in interdisciplinary network.


I had the opportunity to practice as educator, teacher, psychologist in the social and educational sector in Luxembourg and also as a mediator in the cultural sector in Luxembourg. I learn all the time different therapeutic methods to offer you the most suitable services, individual and functional.


I propose you the therapy adapted to your personal problems. My additional quality is that I speak and understand perfectly Luxembourgish, French, Russian and English.


Psychology and Pedagogy of children (Moscow State Pedagogical University)

Psychology in the field of social and human sciences (Lorraine University – earlier Verlaine University of Metz Ile du Saulcy)

Meditation (Luxembourg University).

Couple therapy.

I am also formed in Emotional Freedom Techniques (E.F.T.) Therapy, in Relaxation, in Sophrology, in Hypnosis and in Mind Meditation, more known as “Mindfulness”.


On the other hand, I am a member of The Administration Council of The Psychology Association in Luxembourg and also of The Meditation Association of Approved Mediators, directly related to my role of Mediator and Intercultural Psychologist. Indeed, the specialty of Luxembourg is to welcome many communities within its small territory, it is important to understand and to integrate the original culture of everybody to facilitate the whole integration. The intercultural questions are of great importance to the psychological work in Luxembourg (in different work sectors and areas such as counseling, clinical psychology, school and work sectors, health organizations, with families etc.)