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Adulthood has the other problems. They may concern emotional, relational, social or professional life.  The world of work emerges new sufferings like harassment or even burn out.

To face sleep disorders, persistent ill-being, stress, unexplained generalized tiredness, painful life events such as dismissal, divorce, illness, bereavement it is beneficial to demand some help to a professional. As a therapist I accompany you and offer you the most suitable therapy according to the challenges you face. I will help you to assert yourself in everyday life, to face critics, to respond them. I will guide you to face the anxiety generated through public speaking or any other social anxiety. I will request you to find your own way to defuse conflicting business and personal situations.

In the context of occupational retraining I can help you to appropriate the necessary tools to change your life; to understand and to identify the mechanisms underlying new choices. I can help you to understand any situation of existential crisis, trauma, unemployment, financial problems, over-indebtedness problems, addiction problems such as money games. I will allow you to identify and to understand the connection of causes and effects after repeated failures in your personal or professional life that are often connected to a specific issue.

I will regularly follow you through depression, chronic illness, addiction to alcohol, tobacco to help you to get rid of them.

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