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Following couple therapy is one of the solutions that allow a couple to avoid the going down and to find the necessary resources to restart on a new and solid foundation. Divorce or separation is then avoided by the way of meditation which helps everyone to verbalize his feelings, anger, frustrations, expectations and desires, to resolve conflicts. The therapy consists in opening of a space where the both partners may put down words that they never knew or could say, recognize and express their feelings and listen each other. 

Marital crises, disorders and sexual problems, I am here to help you so that each partner finds his right distance in the relationship. 

I will be present to help each other to identify his own tolerance zones, to learn to position oneself in the relationship, to be able to say no, to become aware of inherent interferences in any communication and to understand better what happens in the relationship. You will be even capable to redefine the roles and the positions of each other in the couple and in the family. In case of unavoidable separation the divorce is sometimes beneficial; I will give you the necessary elements to be able to project yourself into the future. 

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