For Children and Teenagers

Children consultations

The child does not have all the adult codes to express his emotions and feelings, he does not use necessarily the words, but he expresses himself with different forms like unexplained anger, sudden hyperactivity, recurrent stomach aches, sleeping disorders, lower marks at school… Very often these symptoms may reveal the difficulties lived by a child in communication, relations or schooling.

My sessions with children, especially the little ones, are in the form of role playing, drawing, modeling, scenarios which allows them to verbalize and to express their emotions and so to get free from the situations of discomfort (with brothers and sisters, parents, family, classmates…). My listening and my experience of infantile therapies will help your child to feel confident and to entrust freely (in complete serenity).

Teenagers’ consultations

Adolescence is a transition period. Young people are subjected to particularly destabilizing capital changes, such as hormonal and physiological changes or psychological changes. It is a period of crisis when fragilities and vulnerabilities take different forms: violence, aggression, withdrawal…

As a teenager therapist I will help your child to regain an emotional balance and a self-confidence. My experience and my kind listening will give the teenager the opportunity to face his behavioral problems, feeding and addictive disorders. I will bring him the necessary resources to put away his aggressiveness and his latent or actual violence.

I will also help your child to find more adequate explications to the often excessive behavior which corresponds to this crucial period of adolescence.

Together we will try to better understand these behaviors, the violence factors (suffered or acted), their causes (real or fantasized) and especially their consequences in order to mitigate the risk of acting out. If necessary the question of identity will be worked out and also family, love or sexual problems. The individual work will help the teenager to canalize his aggressiveness and to use words, the positive alternative to violence.

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