Methods and therapies


Hypnosis is a therapeutic tool of the mid-19th century, rejected for a long time by the medical community; this technique is the most used nowadays in hospitals, particularly to replace some anesthesia. It is a therapy used in the short term and also which is also very effective for addiction problems, so ideal for smoking cessation but also for weight loss and eating disorders.

It is also very powerful to calm the physical or mental pain such as anxiety attacks or depression and also sexual problems.

The technique is to modify slightly the state of consciousness and to reach more easily the unconsciousness.

I help people to find in them the resources that will help them to face their problems and to find by themselves their own solution basing on a positive suggestion.

E.F.T. therapy (Emotional Freedom Technique)

E.F.T. therapy is the English initials that mean the Emotional   Freedom Technique. This energetic therapy is an effective and easy method that aims the emotional healing.

How find the positive energy?

How practice its initiation? Connect with it?

In the work made on emotions, I invite everyone to accept and to tame his emotions to put them away. This E.F.T. innovative method gives you an access to the intimate contact with yourself and with your power of personal creation. It is used on the most simple emotions or emotions connected with the single specific event. So you will have all the ways to help you in every stage and sphere of your life. This therapy is not magic! It just connects you with what you deeply are, opening to you your consciousness and positively releasing emotional factors.

Therapeutic Yoga

Yoga therapy is very complex.

There are specific exercises for all kinds of pain and health problems: sleep disorders, hormonal dysfunction, weight loss, anxiety, stress and emotional management.


I offer you the sophrology sessions. Etymologically the word sophrology comes from ancient Greek and signifies the study of consciousness in harmony. The aim of sophrology through relaxation exercises is to make you freer and more autonomous in the order to allow you to accede to the life more authentic and more serene at the same time. It puts back the link between spirit and body. Relaxation exercises and visualization provide working on breathing, the vital element of our inner basis. The well-being techniques of tension evacuation are made. You learn to relax and to listen deeply the feelings of your body and all your emotions.

You re-engage you with your body and you find the fullness of your five senses.

Meditation in full consciousness or Mindfulness

I can also initiate you to the meditation in full consciousness, the mindfulness. The mindfulness is the technique that is inspired from ancient traditions.

The undeniable effects of this meditation practice led it to become the most used in hospitals.

How to be completely there in the present moment?

To have access to a more enlightened consciousness, beneficial for your physical and mental health?

Here are the keys brought by the regular practice of mindfulness meditation.

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