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With today’s speed of life, pressure, and family or professional demands, it’s very easy to lose internal control and lose your way. That’s why I’m offering you an approach that aims to restore your inner compass in various ways.

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Nowadays we live stressful situations on many levels of our life, professional or family level, the demands are increasingly high and sometimes it is difficult to find our life path.

Through different therapies, I propose you to reconnect with your inner self.

The years of experience as a psychologist showed me the help I can give to people who suffer and guide them on their path of life by allowing finding a balanced and fulfilling life.

My role is to help and to accompany you to release your pain and your emotional charges that keep you from being free. This path is sometimes very long but always beneficial.

My sessions are based on extensive listening, no judgment is made about your experiences, the aim is the self-acceptance.

In my practice I am interested in child, teenager, adult and couple difficulties.

My psychological or psychotherapeutic consultations provided for children and teenagers will be dealt with and reimbursed by the ONE (National Office for Children).

The request may be different: stress control, self-estimation in a specific period of life, bereavement, divorce, and emotional injury, treatment of anxiety, phobias and addictions.

As a family mediator I am particularly interested in family and couple.

It is important to free oneself from emotional chains to be able to live freely the relationship in couple; couple therapy helps to understand injuries of each other to restart on sane and solid bases.

I am also interested in the difficulties that you may have in your professional life through the work psychology, either relationship problems with your collaborators or hierarchical superiors.

Don’t hesitate to contact me by email or phone; I will answer all your questions with pleasure.

Doukhanova Galina, Psychologist, Family Mediator.


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